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Technology is everywhere. It has taken over many aspects of our lives, and we are not always aware of its influence on our actions. From social media to computer games, it can be tough to assess the worldwide reach of technology and its effects on us. People worldwide are being consumed by technology in ways that we might not even realize until it’s too late.

Today, many of the most significant technological innovations were not initially developed for commercial use. They came about due to science and research projects, such as those that created the internet and other critical inventions from the 20th century. These inventions transformed our lives and are demonstrated by their impact on our lives during their initial development. For example, William Shockley was a co-developer of the transistor. Yet, he abandoned his work on creating a functional transistor because it would have benefited only large companies at his time. However, the commercial sector panned Shockley’s vision, which was not ready to embrace Shockley’s ideas. The transistor became a staple of electronics, but it took almost two decades to gain massive public use because of corporate influence.

Technology is also a major force in how we train our bodies. How we exercise and perform physical activities has changed drastically since the invention of the fitness tracker. Gone are the days when an individual exercised in a gym. Nowadays, people use every single environment to achieve the desired workout: home, park, ice rink, and this, the tracking systems have become more sophisticated. Technology is also a significant factor in consumer products. We are constantly being informed about the best electronic devices that we can buy to gain a better advantage in our lives.

The Internet has revolutionized our lives tremendously, and it is not going anywhere any time soon. The spread of online shopping, social media, and the creation of websites have made it possible for people to connect and interact in ways never before experienced. This is the most immediate form of communication through computers and other devices. The Internet has given us access to unlimited amounts of information without being limited by location or time. However, we must be mindful that the Internet also gives us access to unlimited amounts of information that may not always be 100% authentic or even true.

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and it will continue to transform how we live. It can be used for both good and bad, and we must find the right balance in our lives to take advantage of its benefits without being consumed by its pitfalls.​