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The Advantages of Air Plants for Your Home

The Benefits of Owning an Air Plant

As a member of the bromeliad family, you know that air plants are considered low-maintenance houseplants. Outdoors grow on trees and rocks near the beach or a waterfall. Since they’re used to living in drier climates and experiencing significant temperature changes, you don’t need to water them much. They also don’t need direct light. They need a tight place to grow, friendly, and high up in a tree or near a waterfall. Air plants like their roots to be right up against the substrate, and that’s why they’re great for your home.

Why Air Plants are Great for Everyone – Even If You Don’t Have a Green Thumb.

If you’re not a plant person, you can still bring air plants into your home. Besides being low-maintenance and easy to care for, they’ll make your house feel more like home. Think of them as decorative accessories that work with any décor style.

How to Care for Air Plants

You can tell an air plant is healthy by its color, which should be bright green. If it’s yellow, then it needs repotting. If it’s brown, white, or black, it may need to be replaced. You can report them in a slightly smaller pot than their current container.  Don’t report them in a large container; they need to have their roots against the substrate to drink up as much water as they need. You’ll know they need water because their soil is soggy and damp.

Air Plants as a Houseplant

One way to use air plants as a houseplant is to put them on a table in your living room. Or, for an art-deco style, you can hang them upside down from the ceiling. They can be fun decorations for a party and are great gifts.

Air Plants as an Indoor Garden

You can build an indoor garden using air plants if you have the time and patience. Please put them in pots, and plant them with roots against the side of the container. Over time they’ll grow roots and grow into a full-fledged indoor garden.

Getting Started with Air Plants

Once you get an air plant home, you’ll need to introduce it to your environment. Start by putting it in a spot where it can get plenty of light. Please don’t put it in direct sunlight; that can cause its leaves to turn brown and burn! The ideal temperature for them is between 55° and 80°F.

When you bring an air plant into your home, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it grows. In just a few days, the air plant can begin to flourish. If you’re worried that someone has bought an air plant and is growing it in a pot, look closer. The air plant is likely getting enough water and nutrients from the soil.

Conclusion with Tips on Taking Care of Your Air Plants

There are so many ways to use air plants in your home. You can buy them online or at a local gardening store. You can also find them at specialty stores that sell unusual decorative plants. They’re great as a houseplant, indoors or outdoors, and you can even turn them into a natural indoor garden!  If you’re new to air plants, there’s no need to worry about watering them much as once per week is enough; just make sure they have enough light and grow properly.